About Us

     Mouthpiece Planet LLC was founded by a musician and band instrument repair technician.  He had little formal training as a woodwind player outside of public education and struggled to gain acceptance into a choice music school, so he fell back onto another strong interest and attended Western Iowa Tech's Band Instrument Repair Program for 2 years.  During this time he realized that his clarinet was in dire need of repair and learned more about musical equipment and functionality.  While continuing to play in 5 community bands over the next decade, his understanding of music and the limitations of his own equipment developed.  He worked as a repair technician for 2 large repair shops, one of which being the largest in the US.  During that time he was able to try a large selection of equipment, both new and old, and began to upgrade his own equipment one piece at a time.  

     As our founder progressed, he learned that some equipment is incompatible with others, and that many traditions and stereotypes about music that he had been told were false or not completely accurate.  Fellow musicians that did not have the same access to equipment and information were often surprised or in disbelief of information that he shared with them.  The cost and hassle of trying multiple mouthpieces was heavy, even for a man in the music industry.  At this point he made it a goal to educate the public about misconceptions and make experiencing new mouthpieces more available to musicians in rural areas or with limited budgets.  This is the beginning of Mouthpiece Planet, as our loyal customers help us grow, we would like to do the same for them and their children and students.