Berg Larsen Ebonite Alto Sax Mouthpiece - New

Berg Larsen Ebonite Alto Sax Mouthpiece - New

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Since 1945 Berg Larsen's mouthpieces were manufactured from black ebonite (hard rubber) which is the traditional material for mouthpieces. Ebonite has certain absorbent qualities which give a more resonant tone.

The tip opening is the distance between the tip of the reed and the tip of the mouthpiece, measured in thousands of an inch. Generally speaking, the wider the tip opening, the softer the reed that may be used. For most beginners a narrower tip opening will result in a clearer tone and more consistent intonation.

The degree of edge or brightness the player obtains is dictated by the size of the tone chamber. Referring to the diagram above, the more 'baffle' that is built into the tone chamber, the more edge the tone will have. A '0' tone chamber will have the most edge and a '3' will have a more mellow tone.

Tone Chambers: '0' - BRILLIANT, '1' - BRIGHT, '2' - ROUND, '3' - MELLOW.

The term 'SMS' or 'M' indicates the choice of facing. The SMS, or French facing is usually shorter with a steeper curve. The 'M' or American facing is slightly longer with a flatter type curve. These facing term is only to indicate the facing curve length and in no way affects the actual sound of the mouthpiece.


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